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Appleton Wiske Community Primary School

School Curriculum Overview 2018/19

At Appleton Wiske we organise our curriculum themes so that the children start from a secure base of what they know and what is familiar and can confidently contribute to learning in the class.  Themes are then developed to look at our locality and environment and draw upon the village and its surroundings. When children feel more confident and have developed higher level questioning and exploration skills, we look at themes which explore the wider world. 



Autumn 1

Fundamental British Values (FBV)

Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1  


Summer 2 


Class 1

How have parks changed over time?

How do different cultures celebrate around the world?

Who was LS Lowry and what is he famous for?

Which historical buildings are in our local area?

How can members of our family and local community help us find out about the past?

What was it like during World War 2 in our community?

Class 2

How are Ancient Egyptian pets different to ours?

Where in the world is Egypt?

How did prehistoric hunter-gatherers live?

Who were the Mayans and where did they come from?

When did World War 2 begin?

Which countries were affected by World War 2?

Class 3

How was the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle different to ours?

Why is Ancient Egypt such a significant part of history?

How did people survive without electricity in the Stone Age?

Who were the Mayans and what were their achievements?

How were different countries affected by World War 2?

What impact has World War 2 had on our life today?





Becoming an active citizen


New beginnings

Keeping myself safe



Getting on/falling out

Me and my future



Going for goals

My healthy lifestyle



Good to be me

Me and my relationships



Staying safe  and moving on




We ask the children three questions:

What do you know about this theme already?

What do we need to learn about this theme?

What would you like to learn about this theme? 


Incorporated throughout our curriculum are Fundamental British Values (FBV), SEAL themes and the PSHE & C curriculum, which are shared in assembly, circle time, with small groups of children and in whole class lessons.  There are also opportunities for children to develop these skills throughout the school in roles such as e-safety officers, playtime friends and the School Council. 


Religious Education is taught throughout the year during discrete lessons and through cross-curricular links where possible.


If you would like any additional information about our curriculum, please feel free to make an appointment with your child's teacher or the Head Teacher.

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